Run Ambassadors

Nur Rauuf Mohammed

Our first Run For Light 2021 run ambassador is a gallant fighter who will be the first kidney dialysis patient from Singapore to have completed a grueling full Ironman triathlon race and he is 31-year-old Nur Rauuf Mohammed. His awe-inspiring story was covered in Straits Times recently.

At age 18, his life took a devastating turn when he was diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus, an autoimmune disease in which the body immune system begins to attack its own tissues and organs. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this disease and it soon led to kidney malfunction. Had it not been for his parent’s unconditional love during his lowest point, he could have long given up the will to live. His recovery journey has been painstakingly arduous but with sheer grit & determination to overcome it, his health gradually improved. When he was fit enough, he started walking with his colleagues as a form of exercise. However, when he caught the running bug, he went on to increase his mileage each time to challenge himself. To fuel his adrenalin-driven energy, he eventually turned to triathlon. Lo and behold, he has listed completion of full Ironman race in his 2021 bucket list.

Widely considered one of the toughest one-day sporting events in the world which can send shivers up and down the spine of even seasoned triathletes, let alone a wannabe triathlete who is a kidney dialysis patient like Rauuf. He is fully focused on his training for this daunting challenge though he can only train on days when there is no dialysis. On this score alone, he has certainly earned our absolute admiration for his never say die attitude.

When asked if he has any encouragement for Run For Light 2021 participants and this is what he has penned, “Nothing comes easy because I know how it feels as I also went through all the pain and the hardships before. Come what may, do stay positive for there is always light at the end of the tunnel”.
Rauuf will be joining our 1KM blindfold walk participants on 20 March, Saturday at Sengkang CC and he will then continue to complete his 10KM run.

We wish him all the best of luck running up to this preparation for his maiden full Ironman race in 2021. Just like what we have largely contained COVID-19 here, he will prevail too!


52-year-old Shariff aka Singapore’s Blade Runner has an affable personality who is well-known in the running community here. In the past years, he has participated in many local and regional races until (sadly) the pandemic struck. He had been Run For Light ambassador on few editions and without doubt, he will assume the role in 2021 again.

Born with only one good leg and as a child growing up in an impoverished family, he had to ward off many challenges that came his way. Despite all that, he is adamant not to let his own physical challenge to be the stumbling block. Over the years, he has focussed much energy working to improve his well-being and to be an inspiration model for many. If Shariff can run with one good leg, so can you with two good legs. He still trains at least 6 times a week alternating between running and High-Intensity Interval Training (HITT).

2020 has seen the most challenging period for many people and Shariff would like to offer his encouragement to everyone. In his own words, this is what he said, “Don’t get despair and lose hope. Just take one step at a time. Remember to exercise daily to stay healthy, fit and mostly importantly, boost up your immune system to fight the pandemic”.

To pledge his support, Shariff will join the 1KM blindfold walk participants on 20 Mar 2021 at Lower Seletar Reservoir Park and he will proceed with his 10KM virtual run.

Tan Whee Boon

Tan Whee Boon, a para athlete has been Run For Light ambassador for few editions and we are glad to have him again for 2021 edition. His life took a dramatic change when he lost all four limbs in 2015 due to severe food poisoning. To save his life, doctors had to amputate all his limbs. 

He was totally devastated to the point of no return. While he had almost given up hope on himself but his wife, children and close friends worked tirelessly to give him much needed encouragement to carry on life. During his recovery stage, he even had strangers rooting him on which he felt encouraged. The journey was long and arduous but slowly & surely, he soon found new purpose in life. He became active in outdoor activities. Since then, he has been supporting many charity walk or run events with aim to inspire those who like him before to pick up and live life to the fullest.

When asked what encouragement he has for everyone, he said, “let’s pray for all Singaporeans to stay safe and we will walk this very challenging period together.”

Boon will be at Punggol Waterpark on 20 Mar, Saturday to walk with the team from Guide Dogs Singapore Ltd (GDS) and 1KM blindfold walk participants.

Run For Light 2021
Grand Lucky Draw

Join our Grand Lucky Draw for 32 prizes on 22 March, Monday in ‘LIVE’ streaming on Run For Light FB page at 1200 hrs where all Run For Light participants will stand a chance to be picked. All winners will be notified to collect their prizes.

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