Run Ambassadors & Pacer Team

Run For Light Singapore // 2020

25 Jul 2020 (Sat) 4PM - 9PM

Punggol Waterway Park (Punggol Town Square)

Run Ambassador – Tan Whee Boon

This will be third time for double amputee athlete, Tan Whee Boon or ‘Boon’ as he is affectionally known by many coming aboard as one of Run For Light 2020 ambassadors which is scheduled on 22 Feb, Saturday at Punggol Waterway.  He will be participating in the 1KM blindfold walk category with his best pal, ‘Bro Goh’ who is seen in the picture with him. 

While Run For Light event relates more to those who are visually-challenged but our ambassadors hailed from all walks of life and they have overcome personal challenges to re-emerge stronger.  Without scintillating of a doubt, Boon is definitely one who has inspired many with his positive vibes despite his own condition.      

This is his personally penned message for all, “God has created such a wonderful world for us and I am so blessed that I am still able to participate in Run For Light event for the third year running.” 

Boon has many engagements nowadays and despite his busy schedule, he is currently in the national squad for wheelchair rugby.  Train well and finish strong as a team, Boon. 

Run Ambassador Couple – Serene and Jeremy

Couple that runs together, sticks together and this statement resonates very well with Run For Light 2020 run ambassador couple, Serene and Jeremy.   A competitive athlete, Serene’s entire world came crushing down when her right shin broke metres before the finishing line in a race in 2015.  During the painful recovery stage, she had to spend 3 months on wheelchair and another 2 months on crutches.  Her doctor told her it would take at least 2 years before she could start to run again.  Much credit must go to hubby Jeremy who is always there for her and through his tender loving care, she was up and running within 9-month time.  In order to build strength in her legs, she started to do stair climbing.  Her training eventually paid off when she finished among podium winners in vertical run events.  She also started to learn swimming not very long ago and she did well enough to achieve podium finish in an aquathlon event recently.

Supportive spouse aside, Jeremy is also an ultra-distance runner who recently completed a 101KM race. 
This time, she helped to prepare him well and not forgetting giving him loads of love and encouragement.

This is Serene’s takeaway, “Believe in yourself, have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers, you cannot be successful or happy.”

Pacer Team – Superhero Runners

“It’s a Bird… It’s a Plane… It’s Superman”.  Indeed, Superman will join his legion of superhero friends for yet another big mission.  They will be the pacer team for Run For Light 2020 event on 22 February at Punggol Waterway Park.  Grouped in different completion times over 10KM distance, they will help to set the pace for runners.  Rest assured, our Superheroes will not be leaping off in one bounce or vanishing in thin air but will stay deeply rooted on ground to stay up close and personal with our runners.     

That said, the aim of the SuperHero Runners run community in Singapore is to help the world run better and improving people’s lives.  

Remember to give your big Hi-5 to our SuperHero pacers when you see them. 

Run Ambassador – Runner Kao

Runner Kao gladly accepted our invitation to be one of our run ambassadors for Run For Light 2020.  He enjoys recording the run event he is in.  So avid a runner he is, he was recently in UK and participated in few run events there too.  Of course, he did his usual routine by recording all the run events.  This is his takeaway below.

I have always loved running as a young boy but stopped running actively since 2013 due to work and parenting commitments. The lack of exercise took a toll on my mental and physical health, where I had to undergo surgery to correct a chronic disease. Just a few months ago, I made a decision to turn my life around by starting running again and I am running almost daily. I have re-emerged healthier, losing more than 10kg and in the process, losing my ‘pot belly too. As running has benefitted me greatly, I also decided to start a running vlog to become an ambassador to the wonderful sport to encourage more people to pick up running and reap the many benefits too.

Run Ambassador – Nel Tulsiani

Introducing another Run For Light 2020 run ambassador, Nel Tulsiani. Hear it from the man himself for his inspiring words.

I am Nel Tulsiani. I had picked up running 3 years ago after volunteering for many races. I had participated in many races such as Sundown Marathon, Army Half Marathon, 2XU Compression Run, Standard Chartered Marathon and many more. I like running because of few reasons! It helps me to destress especially after a long tough day. Sweating it out makes me feel a lot calmer. Running clears my mind and gives me new ideas, perhaps due to work of endorphins. I believe that run often and run long but never outrun your joy of running. Running is a test of our determination where there are many obstacles that we have to overcome. We might think that we cannot complete a run but with persistence, all challenges and obstacles can be overcome. I am glad to have found that inner strength.

Run Ambassador – Shariff

Shariff aka Singapore Blade Runner is well-known to many in the running community.  It is our pleasure to have him as one of the Run For Light 2020 run ambassadors for the second consecutive year. 

Distance has never an obstacle for this gregarious para-athlete and with one good leg and one trusted blade, he will huff-and-puff to complete the run.  In all his runs, he is always seen encouraging able-bodied people along, a great morale booster to keep going.  This is Shariff’s message to all 

Alas, there is only one champion in a competitive race but the real winners are those who complete the race, never mind how much time it takes

Run Ambassador – Marcus Ong

Run For Light 2020 run ambassador, Marcus Ong has earned Singapore’s first medal in the modern pentathlon event which debuted at the recent SEA Games in the Philippines.  He fought hard and came in third against the region’s best athletes.  This newly introduced sport combines running 4 times of 800 metres and shooting from a 10-metre distance with a laser gun each time.  To start with, Marcus is a regular podium finisher in many local and regional run races but this hard-earned SEA Games medal is what he had worked for.    

Growing up, he did not have that luxury to own a new pair of running shoes to compete and had to contend with the same old running shoes which had to be glued and re-glued.  He had always harboured hope that one day he can carry Singapore’s torch in SEA Games and he trained very hard to be selected to the national squad.  However, he was disappointed when he was rejected time and again.  The modern pentathlon offered a glimmer of hope and he was finally selected to the national squad.  One can understand the euphoria feeling when he finally won a bronze medal for Singapore – an icing on the cake. 

Marcus will be running 10KM at the coming Run For Light event on 22 February, Saturday as one of our run ambassadors.  His motto in life – never give up your dream and persevere on!

Run Ambassador – Wendy Wong

We are glad to welcome Wendy Wong as one of Run For Light 2020 run ambassadors who has successfully completed 7 full marathon races. Hold your breath for a moment, she has just turned sweet 60 this year. If this is any indication that she should slow down her pace, the opposite is actually true. Anytime, she still enjoys running, swimming, hiking, cycling and socialising with like-minded friends.

When asked for her take in life, this is what she has said, “Being outside with my music and thoughts means the world to me. Running allows me to enjoy that solitude, it makes me feel empowered and resilient. Most importantly, it helped re-build my life after a major crisis. I believe there is no greater sense of satisfaction than what you get from setting a personal goal and achieving it. Biggest takeaway? The wonderful friendships forged along this marathon journey and I feel privileged and thankful for that”.

Keep rocking, Wendy. 

Run Ambassador – Ajmil

Run For Light 2020 run ambassador, Ajmil was a boxer before he switched to long distance running.  He is now recuperating from an ankle injury and he will be running his first race of the year at Run For Light event as our run ambassador. This is his story.  

My name is Ajmil.  When I was 14 in 2008, I took up boxing after watching my brothers competing in the sport.  I was inspired by them and trained hard to be roped in the national team.  It was after completion of my NS duty in 2017, I found out my passion in long distance running and decided to focus on it.  I have had participated in many countries and have reaped precious experiences so that I can improve further.  I firmly believe I can achieve my dream if I stay focus and train hard for it.  Alas, an ankle dislocation several months ago did put paid to my training program.  Not one to be easily felled, I then decided to move to Kenya to continue with my training.     I am adamant to prove that nothing is impossible as long as one has the sheer grit and determination to overcome a major stumbling block.  Run For Light 2020 will be my first race of the year as a race ambassador and I am very excited about it.  I will be running in the 10km race and I hope to inspire all participants to give it their all and run a good race too. See you all soon!   

Run Ambassador – Pris Chew

We are glad to welcome Pris Chew onboard as one of Run For Light 2020 run ambassadors. Her transformation has been awe-inspiring from someone who was so unfit to an avid runner. She has an extensive coverage on her running experiences and this is her website,

Want to know what she has to say about herself? This is her personal take below.

Hi, its’ Pris Chew here. I’m an avid runner and blogger. I picked up running on the treadmill in 2012 as a way to get fit. Before that, trust me, I really hated exercise. One thing soon led to another and before I knew it, I was signing up for my first ever 10KM race. From there on, I was hooked and I haven’t stopped running. I went on to take on half and full marathon races and even did a 101KM Craze Ultra. My running has brought me to places as far as Gold Coast, London, Nagoya and now, I’ll be headed to Chicago this year for a marathon. My message for all Run For Light 2020 runners: Pace yourself well, run to your ability and finish the race strong. Running is all about the journey, not the result. I look forward to be running alongside all of you on 22 Feb, Saturday @ Punggol Waterway Park.

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