Race Guide

Run For Light Singapore // 2020

25 Jul 2020 (Sat) 4PM - 9PM

Punggol Waterway Park (Punggol Town Square)

Race Routes

RFL20 10km Route
RFL20 5km Route

Programme on 25 July



4:00 pm

Start of Event

4:15 pm

Pen opens for 5KM 1st runners for Ekiden Challenge

4:30 pm

Flag-off for 5KM 1st runners for Ekiden Challenge

4:45 pm

Pen opens for 1KM blindfold walk

5:00 pm

Flag-off for 1KM blindfold walk

5:15 pm

Pen opens for 10KM run

5.30 pm

Flag-off 10KM run

6:00 pm

Pen opens for 5KM run

6.15 pm

Flag-off for 5KM run

7:30 pm

Cooldown exercise



7:45 pm

Podium Winners Prize Presentation

8:00 pm

Lucky Draw

9:00 pm

End of event

  1. Pen for each category will close after 10 mins of each flag-off.
  2. All 2nd to 5th Ekiden runners have to assemble at the finish line to receive the batons from the 1st runners.
  3. All runners must wear their bibs on the front for ease of sighting before they are allowed into the pen.

Race Village

Coming Soon

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