On-site run requires presence of runners on race day whereas virtual run only needs runners to choose their own run route and run at their own time.  As the flag off is scheduled on 14 May, Saturday at 1700 hrs, all on-site and virtual run will commence at the same time.  For virtual run, the duration to complete is over 2 days from 14 to 15 May powered by event official timekeeper tracker app.  

Podium finishers for on-site 10KM run will be declared on race day and they will walk away with trophies and sport products.  On-site 5KM fun run is non-competitive.  For virtual runners, their results will be recognised for Qooline Run Challenge – Tiger Series June bi-monthly race (www.qoolinerun.com) which will be based on birth year of runner and completion time.  Podium finishers for virtual run will walk away with trophies and shopping vouchers.

Sign up for virtual run does not include event tee which can be purchased at S$12 per tee.

Though it is a virtual run but it is still a competition race.  All runners who have signed for either 5KM or 10KM virtual race must claim their profiles from our event timekeeper’s tracker app, Sportsplits prior to commencement of their run.  Only results captured on the tracker app is recognised.  For the physical on-site run, the results are determined on race day.

Yes, participants can choose to walk or run which is solely up to them.  As mentioned, virtual runners have to download our event tracker app to start the walk or run.

You can go to www.runforlight.com to sign up where relevant information to the vent proper will be provided for ease of your understanding.  Any update will also be uploaded on the website.

All race entitlements will be mailed to participants via door-to-door service and the fee is S$2.80 payable upon completion of sign up.  Full mailing address has to be provided at the time of registration.  

If you have signed up for the physical race, you need to be fully vaccinated and proof of your vaccination status via TraceTogether app has to be shown at point of race entry.  However, for virtual race, there is no need to provide vaccination status but you have to observe safe distancing  from others during the run.  We urge everyone to have their vaccination if they are medically fit to do so to keep everyone safe.  No one is safe until everyone is safe.