Race Details

Race Categories


S$38 per person
  • Includes Event Tee


S$43 per person
  • Includes Event Tee

5KM & 10KM

S$9 per person
  • Excludes Event Tee
  • Price does not include 6% payment gateway and processing fee

  • S$2.80 door-to-door courier fee is applicable for race entitlements within Singapore

Race Entitlements

Event TeE

Race Medal

  • All participants get the following entitlement:

    • A special 7th edition event tee (for all on-site participants only)
    • One uniquely designed race medal
    • E-cert
    • Digital copy of Run Magazine
    • A 75-min complimentary facial treatment worth S$267.50


  • Event tee is available for purchase as add-on at S$12 per tee (for virtual race participants)

  • Refer to event tee’s sizes specification here

Race Info

  • Physical race bibs including RFL2022 event tees will be mailed to you before the race day on 14 May.
  • Please do not forget to bring your race bibs on race day to be given access to the holding ground prior to flag off.
  • 10KM race bibs come with timing chip and 5KM bibs do not have timing chip.
  • Race medals will be given once runners have crossed the finish line on race day.
  • The race will commence at 1700 hr for 10KM run first followed by 5KM at 1830 hrs. It will not be a mass flag-off due to current restriction but on a controlled basis at every 10 persons in a span of 1-minute interval.
  • 10KM run is a competitive race and podium finish will be based on nett time. Thus, results will not be immediate until everyone has crossed the finish line. 5KM run is non-competitive and no results will be posted.
  • No congregation is allowed after the race.
  • A notification to claim your Sportsplits tracker app will be emailed a week before the scheduled race on 14 May.
  • Tracker app must be downloaded on your mobile, please follow the few simple steps to claim it.
  • The tracker app will commence on 14 May, Saturday at 0001 hr until 16 May, Monday at 2359 hr. Virtual participants are given three days duration to complete the run.
  • Choosing a run route is solely the discretion of runners but please ensure it is an open terrain which will not disrupt the GPS signal.
  • The results from Run For Light 2022 virtual run are accepted for Qooline Run Challenge 2022 June race. Points are calculated based on runner’s birth year and completion time and top 5 podium finishers win prizes and trophies. Visit www.qoolinerun.com to find out more.
  • Race entitlements will be mailed out to virtual runners after the event.

On-site participants will receive race bibs and event tees via courier to the mailing addresses provided while race medals will be presented upon completion of the run on race day.  Virtual runners will receive race entitlements including race medals via courier to the addresses provided at time of sign up.

The on-site run will take place in iconic Punggol Waterway Park in the evening with all necessary SMM requirements to be put in place.  Virtual runners can choose to run anywhere that is safe.   

Registration closes on 30 April 2022 for on-site run and 8 May 2022 for virtual run or when all slots are filled, whichever comes first.  Sign up early to avoid disappointment.

Program @ Punggol Waterway Park, Lawn Area Near SAFRA
14 May 2022, Saturday – 1630 hrs to 2100 hrs

  • 1630 hrs: Arrival of 10KM runners & ushered to respective zone
  • 1700 hrs: 10KM flag-off for every 5 runners at 1-min interval
  • 1730 hrs: Arrival of 5KM runners & ushered to zone
  • 1759 hrs: End of 10KM flag-off
  • 1830 hrs: 5KM flag-off for every 5 runners at 1-min interval
  • 1929 hrs: End of 5KM flag-off
  • 2100 hrs: End of event



  1. Flag-off window for 10KM runners is from 1700 hrs to 1800 hrs.
  2. Flag-off window for 5KM runners is from 1830 hrs to 1930 hrs.
  3. Holding area will have 6 zones and in each zone, there are 50 runners.
  4. Runners will be ushered to the zones on a first-come-first-served basis.
  5. Finisher medals will be given upon completion.
  6. No mingling allowed after the race.
  7. No locker service provided at race site.

How To Get There:

  • If you are taking MRT, head to Punggol Station and transfer to Sam Kee LRT Station
  • Bus number 39 & 82 if you are taking public bus.
  • If you are driving, please park at SAFRA Punggol and walk a short distance


Podium Winners’ Prizes

Category / Prize

10KM On-site Race
Men’s & Women’s

5KM Virtual Race
Men’s & Women’s

10KM Virtual Race
Men’s & Women’s


Personalised Plaque + Sport Product

S$70 Shopping Voucher + Plaque

S$100 Shopping Voucher + Plaque

1st Runner-up

Personalised Plaque + Sport Product

S$35 Shopping Voucher + Plaque

S$50 Shopping Voucher + Plaque

2nd Runner-up

Personalised Plaque + Sport Product

S$35 Shopping Voucher + Plaque

S$50 Shopping Voucher + Plaque

4th Place

Personalised Plaque + Sport Product

S$35 Shopping Voucher + Plaque

S$50 Shopping Voucher + Plaque

5th Place

Personalised Plaque + Sport Product

S$35 Shopping Voucher + Plaque

S$50 Shopping Voucher + Plaque

  • On-site 10KM runners and virtual 5KM & 10KM runners stand a chance to win trophies and prizes tabulated below. On-site 5KM is fun run and therefore, it is not competitive.

  • The race results of all virtual runners are recognised for Qooline Run Challenge – Tiger Series June bi-monthly race.  The points are awarded based on birth year of runners and completion time subject to Qooline Run Challenge terms & conditions.

On-site Race Routes

5KM Route

10KM Route

Terms & Conditions

  • Read our complete Rules & Regulations.

  • Strictly no refunds are allowed after registration.

  • Participants who are eligible for more than one discount will only enjoy the single highest discounted rate available upon registration. Offer cannot be combined with other promotional prices or discounts.

  • Refer to our FAQs for common queries or contact us.

  • All prices indicated are in Singapore Dollar (SGD).

  • The registration fee excludes payment gateway and processing fee of 6% of full payment amount.