Baggage Service

Run For Light Singapore // 2020

25 Jul 2020 (Sat) 4PM - 9PM

Punggol Waterway Park (Punggol Town Square)

  • Baggage services will be available at the event race village at Punggol Town Square from 4.30pm 22 February 2020. Please travel light and take note of the following:​

  • Organizer will not be responsible for any damage of baggage due to force majeure including but not limited to act of God, war, strike, trade embargo.

  • Organizer will not be responsible for damage due to items or objects inside the participant’s baggage. In case items contained in the baggage of participants led to the damage of the organizer’s assets or other participant’s baggage, the participant must compensate all the damage and loss due to this damage.

  • Organizer will not be responsible for damage of fragile, perishable items, money, jewelry, note, bond or any valuable documents, passport, identity paper sample contained in the checked baggage whether Organizer knows participants put those items or objects in their bags or not.

  • Organizer will not be responsible for handling complaint sent after time limits for claim.

  • Organizer will not be responsible for compensating for any damage which is discovered outside the baggage claim area or in case Organizer is not informed about the damage right at the baggage claim area.

  • Runners who deposit bags will need to wear the bag deposit tag, as that act as identification during collection. 

  • Runners not to deposit any valuables or fragile items.

  • Organizer endeavor to ensure the safety and security of the bag or its content when runners make their deposit. 

  • Organizer reserve the right to check or reject any baggage or its items deposited.

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